Universitas Borneo Lestari


CALL FOR PAPER, Borneo Journal of Pharmascientech

*CALL FOR PAPER**Borneo Journal of Pharmascientech (ISSN: 2548 – 3897), is open access, peer-reviewed journal published by Faculty of Pharmacy Borneo Lestari University. *Focus and Scope:*– *Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences*– *Pharmacology-Toxicology*, including pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacotherapy, and toxicology; – *Pharmacognosy-Phytochemistry*, including pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, ethnobotany, and ethnopharmacology; – *Pharmaceutical*, including biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical technology, formulations, and biotechnology; – *Analytical Pharmacy-Medicinal Chemistry*, including pharmaceutical chemistry, chemical analysis, medicinal […]

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